What the Girls and Parents Say

Recently girls, coaches, and parents from the Greater Houston area were asked how Girls on the Run had changed their life.

What the parents are saying…..

For the past two years Girls on the Run has been here for my daughter providing an opportunity to stretch her legs while expanding her mind both socially and emotionally. Shannon

“Thanks so much for all your hard work. She is still on her runners high and is asking when we can do another one! You made a huge difference in all these girls lives. Thank you for that.” Maureen Crespo

“Thank you so much for coaching the Girls on the Run. It’s been wonderful to watch the transformation within Madi. This is something she will remember for the rest of her life. Very special memories have been made for her and her daddy.…This has been a hard year for Madi struggling with self-esteem and confidence. This program and you have made a HUGE difference. Thanks again for everything.” Marion Alderete

Read this Touching letter from a mom of a Girl on the Run.

What the coaches are saying….

Girls on the Run has provided me with the perfect tool to influence girls in the most empowering way. We as girls are learning to appreciate each other for our uniqueness and that is a priceless quality.  – Jamie Karnes, Pine Shadows Elementary

“GOTR has been an incredible experience for me not only through coaching, but in my life as well! The importance of living outside of the “girl box” and in embracing one’s authenticity and wholeness remains an invaluable lesson for us all.” -Lauren Yeldell, Baylor College of Medicine

I have to be honest, my coaches, and I feel like we’ve grown and learned as much as our girls. We’ve become so attached to them, and the camaraderie and support go beyond running. They cheer each other on at the Science Fair, Spelling Bee… It’s AMAZING the impact it has had on the girls and my awesome coaches. Today we recruited two more coaches, who volunteered, because they were so touched by how empowered our girls are, and they asked why we don’t get more girls… We need more coaches. Without hesitation they both said, “We’ll coach!” Yeah! Next year will be the best ever! Vicki Lenio, Gardens Elementary

I can tell you that I had very many girls ask repeatedly if they could be in the GOTR group. When I told them we could only have 15, they asked if they could be in the program next year. I also had several boys ask if I could do a Boys on the Run!

The 4th grade girls that were in GOTR this spring said they definitely want to do this again next year. They loved it!

I had one girls who was not very nice to another girl in the GOTR group. On the last day when we were giving energy awards, the girl who had not been nice gave an energy award to the girl who she had been unkind to; that was AWESOME! That was a great GOTR moment to me- and to the 2 girls involved! Powerful! Becky Zech-Stephenson, Buffalo Creek Elementary

What the girls are saying……

We will run forward on the track while running forward in life. Grace

The girls said that “ Peace, Love, and running” describe what GOTR is all about. Woodview Elementary

Also, “ Girls on the run is so much fun”. Everyone



The following are a few things Taizeth, a 6th grader, had to say:

“mostly it (Girls on the Run) made me want to be a better person, whether at school or at my house. Since I have been with Girls on the Run I have had more friends and something to talk with them.”

Before Girls on the Run, “I just cared about looks and popularity but now I don’t care about that stuff anymore.  If they’re nice to me I consider them my friends.  No that I am with Girls on the Run I feel fearless and could care less about popularity.”

The following is an exerpt from a note sent to one of our Girls on the Run coaches:

Hello coach!

 I can’t tell you how excited my daughter is about the program.  Each time she comes home, she shares what she learned, and I just love how she has become even more confident about who she is, what she feels and thinks, and her body image!  I really wish my other daughter could be included.  She really would have benefited from the program too.


Thank you!  Thank you!  This is awesome!